About Us

At Atom Analytics, we have a unique view of the world.  We don't believe that established industries are disrupted overnight, but rather evolve and progress through a series of incremental decisions and changes.  Our mission is to help financial services firms use data more effectively and efficiently to reinvent distribution and client service best practices through a better decision making framework.


Our Process

Data is a tool, not a standalone business strategy.  Atom Analytics works closely with clients to determine how existing data can help them achieve their business goals.  This process starts with a comprehensive sales, marketing, and data audit aimed at better understanding the current vs. ideal states.  Once we have a solid understanding of the existing landscape, we can start collecting and analyzing customer data.  Using a variety of cutting edge data science techniques deeply rooted in individual business strategy, we're able to segment customer data and map the customer journey.  We then score each record to denote it's relative importance and craft a high level engagement strategy in line with the customer journey map.  The Atom Analytics team is constantly checking in with client stakeholders throughout this process and adjusting based on feedback we've received. 

The creation of these materials marks the beginning of our journey together, as Atom Analytics continues to work with clients to update the segmentation and scoring algorithms based on market and client strategy changes.  Our team also engages with key stakeholders across client organizations on an ongoing basis to ensure that the strategy is being used effectively, and preempt any minor issues before they become major problems.



  • Comprehensive data audit and recommendations.
  • Customized customer segmentation framework.
  • Customer journey map with associated high-level contact strategy.
  • Proprietary record scoring based on value to each specific client.
  • Customer segmentation and record scoring updated quarterly.
  • Access to our team of industry and subject matter experts.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Please contact us directly about custom engagements and analytical projects.